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Is it safe to use oil paint on top of acrylic paint?

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I was wondering if that will actually work?  Would the oil paint crack or fall off?
asked Oct 5, 2013 in Oil Painting by questions (730 points)
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Yes, so long as the acrylic paint underneath has completely dried.  Sometimes artists are surprised this is possible but acrylic is actually an excellent surface to use as a base for oil painting - many people who are surprised about this seem to overlook that most canvases and wood panels are primed with a gesso coating that is, essentially, an acrylic medium.

However, a very important point to consider when using oil paints over acrylic is whether the final painting will be varnished or left as-is with just the oil paint on top.  If it is to be varnished, there are few (if any) options that would be available and safe to use that will be removable (for future cleaning purposes) and work safely with both oil and acrylic underneath.  In that case, either don't varnish the painting on top of such oil embellishments or completely cover the painting in oil paint and allow it to completely dry before applying any coats of oil-friendly varnish.
answered Oct 7, 2013 by artist (2,620 points)
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