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What kind of paper is supposed to be used with oil pastels?

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Is it OK to use normal sketching paper for oil pastels or do they require a special kind of paper?
asked Oct 6, 2013 in Oil Pastels by questions (730 points)
edited Oct 6, 2013 by questions

1 Answer

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Although it's possible to just about any paper with oil pastels, it's best to choose one with a toothy texture as well as a thick paper such as 120lb (or heavier) cold pressed paper typically used for watercolor.  Given that oil pastels do contain non-drying oil and wax as a binder, thicker paper will alleviate weakening of the paper structure caused by the oil.

Given the non-drying oil used in oil pastels, that is also why it is not a good idea to use them as drawing tools for oil paintings - they will just smear and make it difficult for the lower layer of paint to dry effectively.
answered Oct 7, 2013 by artist (2,620 points)